NSF/IEEE-TCPP PDC Curriculum Activities at Loyola University Chicago


As spring 2011 early adopters, we implemented three three-week PDC course modules (20% of our 15-week semester) targeting three required courses usually taken in the second year. Then, during AY 2011-12, we implemented four three-week advanced PDC course modules in programming and distributed computing targeting electives typically offered every three semesters. During AY 2012-13, we moved PDC topics further down into CS1 and CS2, fleshed out PDC coverage in our intermediate object-oriented development course (CS 313), and stepped up evaluation.

Most recently, during AY 2013-14, we have 1) prepared for enhanced PDC coverage in a mathematically focused version of CS1 (CS 215) to be offered in this form during AY 2014-15 and 2) expanded PDC coverage in our programming languages course (CS 372). These efforts are synergistic with our involvement in the SIGCSE 2013 and 2014 workshops on using the Scala language across the curriculum and in CS1/2, respectively. In particular, the use of Scala in CS1/2 provides opportunities to introduce PDC topics early, in accessible yet rigorous ways.

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